Maintenance + Service Contracts

Free-of-charge Software Updates

PROCAM software solutions are continuously being optimised in order to grow in line with the customers demands in regard to ergonomics and integration capacity. A further reason for our intensive development activity is our concern to comply with the current technology level and thus to increase the investment security in PROCAM solutions. For this reason PROCAM supplies new software versions every 6 months [on average] which can be downloaded from the Internet. For customers with a valid service contract, software upgrades [new releases] are free of charge.

Special attention is paid to the topic of user manuals offering support in the daily use of the products. All software solutions by PROCAM provide integrated online user manuals which are regularly and automatically updated via the Internet. This process takes only a few seconds but guarantees up-to-the-minute information for users!

Help-Desk Support/ On-Site Support

Our hotline help-desk is available for user and technician problems by telephone fax or e-mail. The hotline help-desk team responds to the questions asked by our customers immediately upon receipt. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) could also be found on our Internet support site. If technical problems cannot be solved by our hotline, we will arrange to visit you and settle the problem on site within a guaranteed timeframe.  

24-hour Internet-Service

It is simply not enough to be there! In the era of global markets the provision of customer services through the Internet is a must for every future-oriented enterprise. PROCAM has been present on the Internet since 1987 and has been offering a complete Internet service package since 1996.

  • e-mail communication with all PROCAM representatives world-wide
  • user information and online support
  • decision sharing [voting system] for further product development
  • frequently asked user questions (FAQ)
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • downloading of the current software versions from the Internet (USA, Europe)

Product Enhancements

PROCAM customers with a valid service contract have the right and are invited to make comments and suggestions regarding the improvement of PROCAM software solutions as well as potential new software developments by PROCAM. They have a "priority vote" versus other customers that have no service contract.