UC™ - Universal Converter

Universal Converter is a bidirectional converter software for most file formats commonly used in the leather processing industry.

The software can be used as a stand alone product for file conversion and comparison or be installed as a component within other software-products from Procam. In this case, Universal Converter is automatically called from all other Procam products, if the file to be loaded or saved is not a native Procam file.

Besides many others, Universal Converter can translate the following data: 

Procam formats DESIGN, SEMI, Padsy2, Tasc2
Standard formats DXF, HP-GL, ZÜND, WILD, BMP, SVG, IGES, ADOBE, RS 274
Proprietary geometric formats CUT, DGT, COMELZ, OVIC LINCE, SATRA
Proprietary design formats ISDS-DAT, FDS-DAT, CLS, CRI, RINK2000