GDM - Graphical Documentation Manager

GDM is a Graphical Documentation System based on Microsoft® Windows 8 (or higher) that was developed in cooperation with users, customers, and advisors, especially for the requirements of the footwear industry.
GDM can provide product-specific documentation of any kind, either online (e. g., on a computer screen on an IT network, Internet, etc.) as well as offline (printouts or readable PDF). More than 25 years of collective experience in the development of human-centered software solutions are concentrated in GDM.
GDM was developed as the most modern multi-tier application, and is therefore scalable for all sizes of enterprises. The system is designed for IT network operation and supports “concurrent collaboration” of all participating staff members. On demand, GDM™ can also be operated as a stand-alone solution.
GDM functionalities like the "internal administration mode", "company data library", "search texts", “toolbox”, “ribbon menus” and many other features allow to customize the software to individual users and/or enterprise-wide needs. Correct, enterprise-specific documentation standards are implemented very easily and shortly.
The newest version of GDM has it's on database for much easier and faster retrieval and evaluation of GDM internal and/or external data.
The new API for PDM allows viewing of GDM45+ documents, documents created with GDM8 also include the translations.

GDM - Benefits

  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Automation
  • Savings
  • Integrated Internal SQLite Database
  • Enterprise Standards Integration
  • Easy pattern Handling and Movement
  • Advanced data analyses and calculations
  • Improved and combined Drag'n'Drop functionality
  • New media types like movies or 3D PDF (Import and Export)
  • Language based previews and/or data retrieval via the GDM API
  • Multi screen usage (moveable/sizeable and/or dockable windows)
  • Responsible UI for high resolution
  • Themable UI for better visibility
  • PDM-Connectivity fully implemented
  • UFM-Connectivity fully implemented

GDM™ - Key features

  • GDM - Key features
  • Drawing and simple reuse of graphical objects
  • Advanced Enterprise Library management
  • Individual User and Display Settings
  • Optimizable/Switchable UI (for designers or documenters)
  • Saving default attributes
  • Use external media via links or imported (mov, mpeg, avi,...)
  • Scaling, Mirroring, Stitching, Skiving (Property handling)
  • Table and Template Features (e.g. Excel)
  • Object Measurements
  • Automatic Data Update
  • Default or individual grouped Page Template layouts
  • Full Page template handling incl. automation and positioning
  • Smart Editing of patterns and objects (geometry, visibility, colors, representation, fonts, positioning)
  • Advanced svg-file handling (multiple file load, SVG-save mode)
  • Advanced Graphic format export (like png, tif, gif, jpg, bmp and emf)
  • Supports PDF - as print format and Export as readable PDF
  • Cutting Knife Documentation (history, order process, archive)
  • Calculations and Summaries via standard tables and/or templates