PROCOST™ is a footwear and apparel Cost Information System based on Microsoft™ technology for managing material costs, material classifications, shoe components part yield, overhead and labour cost. Our development team has worked intensively with customers around the world, so that we can handle any demand: from pre-production calculation, to production costing for the complete size run, up to full CBD (cost break down) functionality. The system provides a user-friendly interface, minimizing the learning curve and launch efforts.

PROCOST™ is a Microsoft™ .NET Framework Application that can be operated either within an IT network or as a stand-alone solution in the cost accounting department. Due to its open standard, PROCOST™ can be completely integrated into existing organizational structures. A corporate roll-out installer service (for installation and update of a broader installation basis) is available on request.

The system processes all product development data (CAD) and material information to produce tangible, economic results. It is set up for further enterprise processes, such as production planning, material allocation, product management, etc.

PROCOST™ - Benefits

  • Transparency
  • Profitability
  • Individual Cost Accounting Methods
  • Material / Color Analysis
  • Database Connectivity
  • Integration

PROCOST™ - Key features

  • Industry-proven material consumption calculation methods
  • Advanced graphical overview
  • Manual pattern composition
  • Individual reporting system
  • Vast variety of data exports
  • Increased DATA security with signing features
  • Automatic leather layout
  • Priority/half pair function in ALN
  • CBD (Cost Break Down)
  • Production-costing
  • SCM, ERP, PPS interfaces
  • Smart handling for beginners
  • Centralized security portal
  • Remote permission management
  • Browser-based admin/configuration portal
  • Optimized for SQL- and ORACLE DB