Product Lifecycle Management

The international footwear and apparel industry is continuously undergoing dynamic market changes. Be it global competition, growing quality demands, increasing prices and cost pressure – only flexible enterprises will cope with the new challenges. It is increasingly important to react flexibly to customers needs and also to take care of underdeveloped markets. In order to meet these challenges the industry needs effective solutions to manage its product lifecycle.

PROCAM solutions help to ensure that design and product information is accurate, reliable, controlled and available throughout the entire product lifecycle by efficiently managing product data and processes. The benfits are

  • tranparency thoughout the whole product development process
  • improved data quality and knowledge associated to this process
  • concurrent collaborations between teams involved
  • reduced time-to-market
  • better cost control and know-how

Thus PROCAM software solutions for integrated product development already supply today solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

Open Software Standards

Modern software-solutions like the one offered by PROCAM are no longer dependent on specific computer hard-ware. Also necessary peripheral devices used in the day to day work, like scanner, digitizer, plotter, cutting tables, etc. shall comply with "open" standards.

Hence it is not necessary to purchase the computer hard-ware at PROCAM, as local vendors may have more attractive offers. However if customers wish, we are also prepared to deliver complete solutions ("Turn-Key") consisting of pre-installed software, computer hard-ware and necessary peripheral devices. Also the installation on site as well as the set-up of your computer net-work, the installation of cutting machines, etc. can be done by PROCAM.

Accepted Microsoft Standards

As a "Microsoft® Certified Gold Partner" we are always dedicated to the innovative standards of Microsoft®. This is not only an issue of graphical "Windows" - User Interfaces but a question of sound technology architecture, the openess of data-interfaces as well as the capability to real data-communication. As a "Microsoft® Certified Gold Partner" we actively take part in the technological developments of Microsoft®. Even today this allows us to "look into the future", at least some years.

The advantages for our customers are varied but can be summarised with the following sentence. PROCAM products are "living" products that are consistently maintained and updated, and they are always at the level of the current information technology-standard. This guarantees to our customers a high degree of investment security.

PROCAM offers software and system solutions for the operating systems WINDOWS® 7 or higher.